I save engaged & newlywed couples stress, overwhelm and confusion by helping them get comfortable talking about money!

LISTEN I know how stressful that first year of marriage is! So let me help you guys develop a mutually satisfying plan for your money together, so that you can enjoy marriage as God intended.


Don't allow money fights to ruin your new marriage! Money fights account for the top reasons couples divorce. So it is never TOO early to talk about money as a couple!

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What up, I'm Rickette

Make Your Money One was created to serve engaged and newlywed Christian millennials, like you! As a newlywed, my husband and I struggled to save and live a financial life on purpose. Listen I KNOW how it feels to have overdrawn accounts, having to rob Peter to pay Paul and feeling SICK and TIRED of working JUST TO PAY BILLS. I KNOW the life of anxiously waiting with fingers crossed, hoping that transactions would not decline while in the checkout line, type struggle. I know the stress of having to decide which bill will get paid first and which bill shall be paid late. I know the frustration of living paycheck to paycheck and having what feels like no money left to SAVE let alone invest in our dream businesess. Date night?! More like, let's eat dinner prepared from these groceries, and pretend we're out night!

As you can imagine, this led to countless bouts of frustration, feelings of helplessness, many conflicts, seasons of hopelessness and fear that things would not change. We decided that enough was enough and looked to The Bible for spiritual counsel and direction. I soon learned that "money fights are rarely just about money". As a believer, before you can execute any financial goal, a unified mindset, grounded by The Bible, is required. We learned that As a result of that unity, we would equip ourselves to develop and stick to a plan of crushing our financial goals together! You see financial freedom affords YOU AND I:

  • The ability to buy back time with friends and family

  • The ability to pursue a passion project

  • The ability to start a business

  • The ability to travel the world

  • The ability to contribute to Kingdom causes

  • The ability to live life on your own terms!


“You see, before you can execute ANY money goal, you must FIRST unify your money mindsets. You can't move forward disconnected and not on the same page."

My unique approach to marital finances is to help you: 

  • Understand each other's money history and money worldview

  • Study what God says about money

  • Learn and work with each other's strengths

  • Have shared and individual money dreams and goals

  • Get to the REAL reason you are fighting "over money"

  • Communicate effectively so that each spouse is heard and understood

There is hope awaiting you and your marital finances! Are you ready to MAKE YOUR MONEY ONE? Here's how I may serve you: