7 Reasons Why Your Financial Resolutions Will Fail

So many of you are excited about tackling money goals for 2019, as you should be. But in order to make sustainable traction and financial headway, it's important to know how your financial resolutions could possibly fail this year. This is not me coming in agreement with the enemy or attempting to be a kill joy. I really want you guys to be equipped, prepared and great in these money streets, so here are my tips to hopefully help you accomplish, AND sustain, your money goals.

1. Invite God in the process

"Commit your actions to the LORD, and your plans will succeed."- Proverbs 16:3

One of the reasons why Christians are not having the victory in the area of finances is because we have not partnered with The Lord. Have you opened up God's word to uncover His direction for your money management for the Body and for you specific guidance for your marriage? In episode 2 of the Make Your Money One Show podcast, I share ten Bible verses all believers should know. In addition, have you asked God to help you with all that you'll need to stick with what may be a challenging season? You'll need all the wisdom, grace, focus, discipline and contentment to win this race.

2. Remove your limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs have oppressed me for FAR too long. Thankfully I am aware of them and doing the work to uproot them and replace with truth. Limiting beliefs are defined as any learned subconscious belief system, that manifests itself physically. They tend to prevent you from pursing, progressing or even thinking you are capable/worthy of opportunities. I know, I know: ALL LIES! But perhaps you have limited beliefs regarding money. Lies that sound like you and convince you that you'll always be broke. That you'll always remain financial illiterate. That you'll always be "bad with money". You must first recognize and call these lies out for what they are: LIES. You must uproot them and plant truth in its place. You do that by going to The Word and reminding yourself of God's promises in that area. Lastly, you must do the work that is in contradiction to that lie. 

3. Give A deeper purpose to your money goals

The journey up ahead will not be easy and you'll need some purpose to keep you committed and afloat when you are tempted to ease up or at worst, give up. What deeper meaning does accomplishing this go do for you, your marriage and the sphere of influence God has given you? WHY do you want to build an emergency fund? Is is so that you won't have to keep digging into your savings account or borrowing when a financial inconvenience occurs? WHY do you want to stick to a spending plan? Is is so that you finally have the confidence of knowing where you money is going? WHY do you want to muster up the courage to call your creditors and set up an repayment plan? Is it so that you finally begin the journey of having more of your HARD EARNED income instead of those bills? I need you to attach "A WHY" to your financial goals TODAY!

4. Have a strategy in place

"For which one of you, when he wants to build a tower, does not first sit down and calculate the cost to see if he has enough to complete it?”-Luke 14:28

Another we fail at our new habits or goals is because we simply have not counted the cost. We have not created or studied an action plan to get us where we want to be. Just like you’d enter your current coordinates for directions to a new destination, so should you seek direction in your financial journey. What are those goals? Set yourself for success by enlisting the help of others, who have mastered where you want to be/have. Another strategy you need to have in place, is your contingency plan. It is never my intention to discourage you, however I must advise that when you desire to make progress, opposition WILL arise. You must remain vigilant and prepare for doubt, random financial annoyances, temptations. I know you are optimistic, as you should be, however you must also account for obstacles. This strategy can easily be crafted when you look over areas when you were overcome by your temptations. What were your temptations? How can you make sure you guard yourself against them? What are your common areas that seem to ruin your planned spending? Build up a financial buffer so that these financial inconveniences do not ruin your momentum.

5. Make sure your goals are realistic

With the Lord, surely we are empowered to accomplish and execute everything, however based on your current level of willingness, are your goals within reach? However, unfortunately another reason why our financial resolutions fail is because we are out in these streets creating goals that are not realistic. You may want to save $5,000, pay down $15,000 in debt and give $10,000 in offering but How Sway when you take home $50,000 a year (before tax)? Look over your income and examine what is feasible, with hard work, effort and dedication for you to accomplish. Set yourself for success by working towards a plan you can actually execute.

6. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

If you are starting, revisiting or refining a financial goal, you will need to get acquainted to being temporarily uncomfortable. You may have engaged in poor financial habits for years and unlearning them will take discipline, saying no to your wants and pleasure. 

7. Do not be apart of "team too much"

You may be tempted to take on ALL of the resolutions in the galaxy but I want you to reel in your excitement and have you take on controlled focus. Listen, I get it. I have several things I want to accomplish this year financially. Do not overwhelm yourself with so many targets to hit. Master and streamline your plan for success in one area, use then duplicate that system to slay everything else.

I pray this year brings about the meaningful financial change you are seeking. More importantly, I want to encourage you to celebrate the small steps that seem insignificant. This financial journey is a marathon, not a race. Stay the course!

In the comment section, let me know what is your TOP financial goal this year!