Money Personalities


With every episode of the Make Your Money One show, my mission is to help you uncover so much about yourself and your future spouse so that together you can effectively accomplish your money dreams and goals. And today we are learning all about our money personalities or as some like to call it, our money types. Let's get into some definitions. A money personality, as defined by  Olivia Mellan, a clinical psychologist specializing in relationship and money issues, states that "money personalities" explain how we relate to money. She also believes that these personalities are usually fueled by factors like our internal beliefs, formed by your childhood experiences, the community you grew up in and the habits of those around you. Bear in mind that each type has both good qualities and shortcomings, and that most people are in fact a combination of types. Also keep in mind that we usually are a combination of a few and that your money type may change depending on your current situation. Our job as Christian couples is to sharpen areas in our money personality and in our spouse as well as buff away the parts that are not conclusive to winning with money. Which is why this episode is so important. So much of how we relate to money and as result how we spend, give, save and engage predates our marriages. The more we learn how we individually relate to money, the better we can use our strengths to work with our spouses to slay our money goals. In this week's episode lets learn how three money types, shape our financial outlook shapes how we interact with money so that we can learn how to be better stewards, understand our spouses better and as a result work together towards our shared and individual goals. 


Money personality: The hoarder, not to be confused with a saver

You are a financial hoarder if your rainy day fund looks more like a tsunami fund. You'd rather save than spend money. You find satisfaction is your savings account and you and risk are mortal enemies.

You see, the challenge with being a financial hoarder is that you operate fear and God did not give us a spirit of fear. Be diligent and discipline is dope. Saving is mentioned honorably all throughout scripture.  Caution and concern are normal, however when your trust moves from God to your stock pile, Houston we have a problem.  

If you identify as a financial hoarder and struggle to live a little, uncover where this fear stems from and uproot it. Ask God to help you trust Him more. Search scripture and find examples of God's faithfulness. And in regards to working with your spouse if you're a hoarder, be vulnerable and express your fears. Let them meet you half way and show grace and empathy. Money is meant to be saved, given away, invested and guess what else? It's meant to be enjoyed. Sit down with your spouse and look over your budget. Adjust accordingly, Start with a small amounts to allow for some fun. 

Personality: Hey Big Spender

You're a big spender if your primary goal with money is to enjoy it. You live by "you'll always owe someone, so you might as well enjoy life". Your paycheck has already been spent before it hits your account. Brunch, Amazon, Seamless have your money on lock. 

The show boater is one who works hard, plays hard and spends hard. They are most likely to say "I deserve this". 

The potential challenge with a big spender is when they disrespectfully neglect their household responsibilities and cause their spouse to feel insecure. 

If you identify as a financial big spender, self-control, contentment and discipline are your new homies. Listen here, I get it. I LOVE traveling, fine dining out, posh boutique hotels, taking my friends and family out and looking good, however not at the expense of being an irresponsible poor steward. Just like the hoarder, Your budget meeting is going to be the major key alert to compromising. The big spender is needed to keep life fun and light hearted, they just require agreed upon boundaries. Re-evaluate your budget to fairly distribute the money between fun, bills, debt, savings, etc. 

Personality: Avoider

You are a financial avoider if money detailed money matters do nothing for you. You rather have nothing to do with a spending plan. You're motto may be "it will all figure itself out"

The challenge with an avoider when it comes to marriage is that your spouse deserves the security that comes from wisdom and a financial plan. 

If you identify as a financial avoider, and would rather bury your head in the sand, uncover why you'd here's a suggestion to work with spouse. Start with a simple goal, the mission here is baby steps. We want to get you making conscious money decisions. Allow your spouse, once you have communicated and they agree, to handle more of the day to day financial matters. However, your spouse still needs you to show up to your monthly and weekly planning meetings. 

There are so many online quizzes to help you uncover your money type and personality. I'll be sure to leave a few resources in the show notes. So be sure to visit After we say "I do", you'll soon discover just how different we are from our spouses. You will most likely marry your financial personality opposite which is why my prayer is that you would not allow the challenge of compromise and dying to yourself, hinder you from the fruit that comes as a result of unity. Open communication and prayer is going to be your hope and plan to work through your money type personalities in your marriage. The more you uncover how you relate to money, the better aware you to serve your spouse and meet their communicated needs. Hopefully this episode helped you make the necessary adjustments with money.  



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