Money Moves You Need to Make Before Saying “I Do”


If you’re engaged ENGAGED or serious dating, it is so easy to become overwhelmed with ALL THE THINGS TO DO, right? Well no need to worry because in this week's episode, I’m breaking down the important money moves to make so that you’re financially prepared to say I DO

The first money moves to make as an engaged couples is to Set a realistic budget, with about 10% cushion, for your wedding. Like I always say “weddings are cool, but doing the work to plan for a thriving marriages is dope”. Wedding planning can be stressful & Do not go into debt. That Photo Booth and favor is not worth going into debt for. Listen, I get it. I love weddings and I will never talk a couple who can afford, out of spending money on a lavish celebratory event. keyword being “can afford”. Do not go into debt to pay for a wedding. There are so many options to having a bomb wedding without walking into your new union in the red. Try a week day wedding. Try off-seasons. And wha if I told you, that you could be married without having a wedding? GASPS, i know. it is totally possible. I had a great wedding, not perfect. While I do not regret the thousands of dollars spent, it is important 

The second money move for engaged couples to make is to invest in pre-marital counseling. These sessions are there to facilitate conversations and meaningful dialogues that you didn’t even know to have or which questions to even ask. You’ll learn tactics to help you navigate the inevitable ups and downs and common pit falls of married life. Pre-marital counseling sessions help you to identify one another’s strengths and how to maximize them. And on the flip side, how to work through each person’s challenges so that you can both thrive and. The last thing I want for couples is for them to walk blindly into their marriages, wearing rose colored glasses. Then when a storm knocks on their door, they are overcome. Counseling sessions will provide the atmosphere and the tools for you to master effective communication, perfect conflict resolution and reconciliation, how to love and respect your spouse, how to meet their needs (from a human perspective) and so much more. If you’re like me, marriages were an anomaly growing up. I never witnessed them. In addition, I didn’t have the tools to navigate and build thriving relationships. tools that we use to help us continue to work on things when life gets hard. She has been such an invaluable resource for us during a difficult time in our life. Pre-marital classes helped to lay A NEW foundation. Because you know what I say “strong marriages create strong finances”.  

Those money vows are cool and all, you know, in good and bad times. But if you can, another money move to make while engaged is to get your individual financial house in order. That means getting clear on where you stand financially. Doing all you can, while single, to have the financial atmosphere you want to continue after you say I Do. Everything from being current on all bills. Having an emergency fund. Create a buffer in your account equal to the amount of your current expenses. This is not having a perfect financial picture, but ensuring that, IF YOU CAN, clean up your past irresponsible financial decisions. 

And our final money moves you need to make out in these streets as an engaged couples is to have the money talk. Realistically, several money talks. In episode 3 of this podcast, I share practical tips to help you and your boo get comfortable talking about money. And then in episode 4 I share some of the most important money questions to ask to really gauge the financial filter of your spouse. What’s most important is to break these talks into several, PLANNED meetings. Do not allow fear or shame, allow you to walk into your new marriage without talking about money. 

So hopefully I have helped to alleviate some of the pressure and overwhelm of what to do, financially, before you say “I do”. This is the end of season one, which was dedicated to all my seriously dating and engaged couples. While there is an astronomical amount of articles and content telling what to do with money, there was just no content out there helping to shape your money mindset before you walk down the aisle. I know that it is impossible to plan and stick to any money goal if you guys still are still clueless of what those goals are, if have yet to communicate your individual dreams. And you do that by having several meaningful, soul-searching conversations, that hopefully this season has equipped you to facilitate. So be on the look out for season two which is all about those money moves and the mindset as a newlywed couple.